Selling Your Home

We Get It.

You worked hard to make those house payments and build up the equity in your home.  So when you go to sell your home, it makes sense that you want to apply that money towards a new property.  

When you hire the Urban to Suburban Realty Team to sell your home, not only are you receiving years of real estate sales experience, team support, and dedication, you’ll also save big.

In exchange for a 4.9% listing fee vs. 6%, the seller receives a full-service listing supported by the team and thousands of dollars back into the pockets of the seller which can be applied towards another home.

If you are using your home’s equity to purchase a new home, you’ll receive an additional .4% savings on your listing fee when you hire the Urban to Suburban Realty Team to assist you in the purchase of a new property.

Full-Service Listing Fee, Sell Only:  4.9%
Full-Service Listing, Sell/Buy:  4.5%

Get More.  Save More.

  • Experienced Team Support – A combined 20 years of real estate sales experience
  • Reasonable Listing Fee vs. 6%
  • Full-Service Listing and Marketing Plan

Contact a member of the Urban to Suburban Realty Team to discuss selling your home, our marketing strategy and any restrictions that may apply.