Is Selling Your Own Home A Good Idea?   No.

Selling your own home may seem like a good idea, but let’s discuss it.

Most people who respond to For Sale By owner offer expect to pay a lower price, which may no be ideal for you.   When considering whether to use a real estate professional, consider the following:

Valuing Your Home

We know property valuation and offer valuable guidance in setting a price.   When your home is priced right, it’s more likely to sell quickly.   That helps you maximize your profit.   

As a Pricing Strategy Advisor, Darian Rausch received the training and earned this important designation given by the National Association of Realtors. 

Showing Your Home

Buyers want to see the home at all hours of the day – not just when the owner’s work schedule allows.  Real estate agents can show your home throughout the day.  We also will advertise your home through the various marketing tools that we utilize to get as many eyes and previews as possible.   

More importantly, we will work with you to make ready your home to ensure first impressions will grab your potential buyers’ attention.

Closing The Deal

We are Certified Negotiation Experts and are trained to work through any setbacks and assist you in closing the deal.  From home inspections to title concerns, we are here to walk you through the details from contract to close.

Other Reasons Why You Need a Realtor

  • Scams Happen – Common scams examples: fraudulent papers, foreign buyer deposits, purchases through a third-party (fake attorney) and asking for personal information
  • Liability is all on the seller.  A seller (orbuyer) that doesn’t have the representation of a licensed agent pays for those mistakes.
  • The paperwork is daunting. In a NAR survey, Buyers and Sellers showed that understanding paperwork was one of the most difficult tasks for a FSBO.
  • Sellers can get stuck in a bad deal.  Many times the seller doesn’t understand the terms of the contract and can be stuck in a bad deal if not represented.
  • FSBO’s Sell for Less – Ouch!  In a recent 2015 NAR survey, FSBO’s lost about 16 percent of the sales price because they were undedicated about market conditions.
  • Inspections are problematic.   Seller who doesn’t know the rules can get stuck with unnecessary and costly repairs because they are not represented by a knowledgeable agent.