Make Ready, Tips on Preparing Your Home for Sale: Overall

Darian Rausch, REALTOR®
Urban to Suburban Realty Team

So in our previous posts, we outlined areas to focus your attention on preparing your home for sale; the exterior, landscape, roof, garage, attic, kitchen and the bathrooms. 

Now, let’s focus on all of those miscellaneous items that are equally as important to the appearance of your home. 

  1. Are the excess items that can be re-packed and stored away in order to make the rooms appear larger?
  2. Do the walls and woodwork need new paint?
  3. Are there any holes or cracks in the walls?
  4. Does the wallpaper need replacing?  Answer: Yes.
  5. Are the windows clean (inside and out)?
  6. Are the floors cleaned and polished?
  7. Are there any stains or damage from water leaks?
  8. Is the carpet clean, stretched flat and stain-free?
  9. Are the draperies clean and property working?
  10. Do any squeaky hinges need lubricating?
  11. Are the ceiling fans and vents clean?
  12. Do the windows open and close easily?
  13. Has the house been deep cleaned?
  14. Do any doors stick?
  15. Do all the locks work properly and have the appropriate keys?
  16. Do the doors seal properly?
  17. Are all the lights working?

The Urban to Suburban Team has a resource list of vendors that can assist you with many of these items, from window cleaning, painting, to general handyman services.


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