Your Home Needs To Be Ready To Show At All Times

In addition to the steps the seller should take to ger their home ready to go, as outlined in our previous blog post, here are some extra tips to help ensure your home makes the best possible impression at showing:

  • Keep every room clean and tidy, and make all the beds.
  • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher or wash and stack them neatly in the sink
  • Eliminate pet smells, clean carpets, and drape, empty trash often, and refrain from cooking strong-smelling foods
  • Introduce good smells such as flowers, potpourri, and air fresheners.  Baking a pie or cookies is another clever tactic.
  • Let the light in.  Brightness improves a home’s atmosphere.
  • Make sure the temperature is comfortable.
  • Set the dining room table to create a homey environment.
  • Hire a cleaning service once a week to keep the house in show condition.
  • Leave the house during a showing so that the buyers can feel free to ask the real estate agent candid questions.
  • Turn off radios and televisions
  • Keep pets out of the way.

We also recommend the following 15-minute preshowing checklist to go through prior to a showing.

Bedrooms, Living Room and Dining Area

  • Turn on lights.
  • Open curtains.
  • Make beds.
  • Remove random items from tables and floors.
  • Place all jewelry and firearms in a safe


  • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
  • Empty the trash
  • Clear and wipe down counters.


  • Flush toilets
  • Shine fixtures
  • Hang towels neatly
  • Empty the trash
  • Put away all razors and other hygiene products and store any medication 
  • Wipe counters


  • Close garage door
  • Pick up yard debris and trash
  • Pick up after pets

It may seem like a lot, but a member of the team will gladly take the time to review this list with you prior going on the market.  First impressions are everything!

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