I am super excited to offer my clients the opportunity to take advantage of Keller Mortgage. Doing so will save them thousands of dollars in closing costs and other fees associated with their home loan.

The Keller Mortgage Buyer’s Program Includes:

  • Keller Mortgage will Initially Issue a true pre-approval to arm our borrowers with what’s necessary to make a solid offer.
  • Pay $1,000 towards closing costs without increasing the interest rate.
  • Waive origination, underwriting and processing fees which can sometimes be a few thousand dollars.
  • No deposits or lock in fees
  • Immediate order of the appraisal, if the deal falls through, no worries, Keller Mortgage will cover the appraisal cost!
  • Keller Mortgage works exclusively with Keller Williams, allowing direct communication with the Agent to keep the process moving and to close on time. We strive to get our buyers into their New Home!

Contact Nikkie Taylor to get started.

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